The Monte Bianco ropeways offer everyone the opportunity to climb to the heart of the Mont Blanc Massif (an experience that is described as the Eighth Wonder of the World). On some days, the sky is so clear that the peak seems to be just an arm’s length away. The scenery is absolutely majestic. From Courmayeur you can still reach Rifugio Torino, where the view of Mont Blanc is assured thanks to the panoramic terrace; via the “Trail of the Giants” with an easy walk you can reach “New Rifugio Torino”. The landscape spans ravines and granite towers in pastel hues. The horizon is marked by Europe’s famous “4000” peaks: Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and the Gran Paradiso.




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From June 2015 this new technological wonder on the Valle d’Aosta mountains and a world class engineering project is open to the public!

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The new Mont Blanc ropeways will climb to Pointe Helbronner in two segments along a new line, replacing the old cableways, which will be demolished only once all the work has been completed. The new facilities will be constructed mainly in steel and glass, with spacious panoramic areas at the stations and rotating spherical glass cable cars. The driving force behind all this is aimed at amazing visitors through the use of technology, but with a particular focus on highlighting Mont Blanc’s natural scener. The cable cars will be equipped with a system that will allow them to rotate, offering visitors a true 360° view of the whole area. At Pointe Helbronner, at 3452 metres above sea level, a round terrace of 14 meters diameter will be constructed, also offering a 360 degree view of Mont Blanc’s peak (4810 metres), of the Dent du Géant and of the extraordinary Vallée Blanche. This site was created specifically to present this extraordinary engineering project and to keep you updated on the work’s progress… keep following us, there will be no shortage of news!