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Cogeis SpA

“The company, founded by Giovanni Bertino in 1963 as a sole proprietorship, operated mainly in the field of small maintenance work on the Torino – Quincinetto motorway. During the years in which the boost of the Italian miracle began to slacken an entrepreneurial challenge began to take shape in which it mattered to have an immediate desire to do something, work sense, sacrifice, stability, professionalism and the ability of the workers.


In 1980, the company assumed the legal status of a joint-stock company and in 1992; the company name was changed to the current COGEIS S.p.A

From the founding date – 1963 to be precise – to today, there have naturally been many company changes. The new generations have understood how to focus their attention to the quality of work, to a continuing also state-of-the-art technological renewal, to a prompt and efficient organisation of human and technical resources. The company’s challenge has been to learn, update, adapt and even invent new even more evolved methods. The push towards improvement has thus enabled COGEIS S.p.A to grow to the levels of Italy’s most qualified companies in large construction work. Operating successfully in Italy and abroad.

Regular growth is ever in keeping with our beliefs. The first is an authentic “belief”: company pride, a sense of belonging.

Today, companies that grow are those that invest in human capital. For us it means enabling every company employee to know how, to grow professionally, to innovate and create as a team. More and more often, the factors that contribute towards determining the success of companies as well as the level of customer satisfaction are the ideas and ability to put them into practice in an original way, passion, creativity and the expertise of individual employees and the organisational structure.

 COGEIS has 7 fundamental values as regards human resources: trust, listening, openness, transversality, stability, creativity and talent. Values enhanced at the company to the point of allowing effective cooperation, the definition of common objectives and the ability of mutual commitment.

Health, safety, quality and training are the other consequent commitments. The company has received the main national and international certifications, in conformity with the standards UNI EN ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001. This enables the company to guarantee the management and control of all its processes within the scope of the rules of Quality, Environment and Safety and continually improve the performance, to meet the expectations of all the resources and people involved.

We work therefore, benefiting from an alliance between quality, respect for the environment and employment rights, aware that the winning challenge of tomorrow will be a new “ethic”, to inaugurate a future of progress, sustainability and social justice. Cogeis S.p.A understands this need and wants to provide a strong, concrete answer.

The financial, economic and structural difficulties of our country should only convince us to quicken our pace.

Cogeis SpA Via XXV Aprile 2/15 10010 Quincinetto (TO) Tel. +39 0125 635111 Fax +39 0125 757403