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i.v.i.e.s. SpA

I.V.I.E.S. was founded in 1974 as a limited liability company headquartered in Pont-Saint-Martin (AO). In 1989 it incorporated.

The company is mainly focused on taking on contracts (even through tenders) for carrying out construction work, road work, hydraulic installations and other similar projects from private and public institutions, with management of the related systems, operating quarries, manufacturing and selling aggregates and reinforced concrete.

Throughout the years, although retaining the Valle d’Aosta as its main area of operation, the company has been involved in the neighbouring areas as individual venture, in association with the group’s companies (COGEIS S.p.A.) or other companies.

Throughout the years, the company specialized on working in harsh climate conditions, such as the Alpine regions, providing efficient staff capable of facing the various technical-operational challenges.

Despite being classifiable as a mid-sized group, the company’s attention to quality, its skill in handling new technical issues, its organizational capabilities handling staff and resources promptly and efficiently have meant the group has not suffered in any way from the usual limitations related to size.

On the contrary, the company has grown to match the most qualified mid-sized businesses in Italy, carrying out large scale works such as: roadwork, water systems, territorial protection and civil and industrial construction.

I.V.I.E.S. S.P.A

Località Cretaz – Boson
11024 PONTEY (AO)

Telefono : +39 0125 635111
Telefax : +39 0166 30288