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Consorzio Stabile Valle d’Aosta

The Consorzio Stabile Valle d’Aosta syndicate was formed by 11 Companies working in the Valle d’Aosta area, all operating in the various sectors related to Public and Private Infrastructure Projects. The projects developed by the members of this syndicate are a clear reflection of their longstanding experience in the field and of their success throughout the years, of their environmentally friendly approach and of their use of the best technologies for blending their projects with the framework of the surrounding territory. The syndicate’s purpose is to satisfy clients and to guarantee them full reliability, thanks to the years of experience of every member and to their compliance with timeframes and high quality standards.

Although our activity is focused on the development of Large Scale Projects, we don’t measure success by numbers; what we do is appraise the level of complexity and the project’s congruence with our Corporate Culture, so that we may develop a finished product that complies with the expectations of our client. The success of our work is based on managing the project using the best technical, economic, operational, legal and financial experts and on our environmentally friendly approach.

The blend of differentiated work skills, the large quantity of machinery, equipment and highly qualified human resources guarantees prompt development of each project.
250 staff members
40.000.000,00 di Euro average yearly turnover
1 Sole Administrator
1 Technical Director

Our main areas of work:

  • Civil and Industrial buildings.
  • Roads, motorways, bridges and viaducts.
  • Water, gas and oil pipelines, irrigation systems.
  • River work, protection, hydraulic installations and reclamation.
  • Environmental engineering projects.
  • Earthwork.
  • Special structural projects.
  • Green areas and urban landscaping.

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Consorzio Stabile Valle d’Aosta

Via Monte Emilius n. 75 – 11020 Quart (AO)
Phone and Fax 0165/236610
P.IVA e CF 01147820078