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Dimensione Ingenierie


Established in 1992, the company has now over 20 years of experience under its belt, working in various capacities in mountain projects such as: designing new ski facilities, reorganizing and optimizing pre-existing ski facilities, planning and constructing cableways, electromechanical projects, civil and industrial works, electrical and electronic systems and assisting companies in carrying out technical and compliance work related to the operation, maintenance and safety of cableway work and topographic surveys.


  • From 1992 to 1998 the company is run exclusively by its shareholders, with the assistance of a few staff members and collaborators.
  • In 1999 the company expands its scope of operation to include architectural planning and urban development, so as to offer greater interdisciplinary flexibility while being ecologically and landscape friendly, paying special attention to energy savings through the potential use of alternative energy sources.
  • Between the years 2000 and 2006, aside from planning cable transport systems for a number of clients (including the “Torino 2006” Agenzia Olimpica), the company carries out a series of research projects on urban infrastructures and carparks and also plans and constructs a number of important service structures related to cable transport systems.
  • In 2007, the company sets its sights on the foreign markets and, in spring-summer, establishes contacts with potential foreign clients for technical consultancy services in the mountain tourism and cable transport sectors, which finally lead, in Autumn, to carry out their first feasibility studies for the development of new ski facilities in Asia and in 2008 the company works on expanding said studies into a preliminary project.
  • In September of 2007, Dimensione Ingenierie moves into new facilities in Turin, not far from their old office, seeking a larger space that currently includes offices, labs and an annexed factory warehouse, for a total space of over 1500 m2.
  • Between the years 2009-2010, despite the economic crisis, the company continues to assert its position working in planning and assisting clients, expanding staff to 25 individuals.


Dimensione Energie

As a result of the 2007 expansion, the “Dimensione Energie” division was established, integrating a team of technicians working in the energy field for the development of “tailor-made” photovoltaic systems.

During 2007’s “Forum sulle piccole medie imprese Italia-Cina” (Italy-China small and mid size business event) the company signed the first collaboration agreement with a Chinese firm that manufactures photovoltaic panels. Several other agreements were later signed, the last one at the beginning of 2011. After setting up their own photovoltaic plant on the roof of the new facilities in 2007, from 2008 to this day a series of isolated and networked plants were developed, for a total installed power of over 2 MegaWatts.


A team of specialists

Including shareholders and administrators, who work full time, today the company has 25 staff members, who include mechanical and civil engineers, renowned planners that have a wealth of experience in the mechanical and civil fields, as well as designers and technicians in the electrical and electronic fields.

Aside from the Turin headquarters – where managerial, design and electrical-electronic activities are carried out – there are two facilities in Valle D’Aosta, in Charvensod and in Courmayeur, mostly devoted to technical and compliance work for the cableway operators in the area.

The company runs its own “quality management system”, which has received the UNI EN ISO 9001-2000-TüV Italia srl no 50 100 37 13 certification.


A multipurpose partner

Dimensione Ingenierie is thus currently a multipurpose partner for the development of the following activities:

  • planning and optimizing new and pre-existing ski facilities;
  • 360 degree management of civil and plant engineering projects;
  • full range planning of the work, spanning all construction, systems and electromechanical aspects;
  • structural appraisal in both civil and mechanical engineering;
  • mechanical planning and design;
  • architectural and environmental planning for civil, roadway and hydraulic works;
  • topographical surveys;
  • registrations, divisions and intervention plans;
  • work management;
  • safety coordination for planning and for carrying out work (Leg. Dec. 494/96)
  • Technical consultancy services and implementation of all compliance operations related to the current accident prevention regulations with liability acceptance (Leg. Dec. 626/94)
  • Operational management and technical assistance for cableway facilities;
  • Planning and carrying out non-destructive tests, splicing and cable sockets
  • planning and developing electrical devices and switchboards
  • planning and developing photovoltaic systems
  • assistance and start-up of electrical, cableway and industrial systems
  • technical assistance in the field of industrial regulation and automation


Currently, the company has over 1200 contracts under its belt, approximately 500 of which are related to the development of cable transport systems.

Thus, the company carries out all activities related to operational management, assistance and technical supervision, as well as implementation of all compliance operations related to the current accident prevention regulations for a number of cableway companies located mostly in Valle d’Aosta and in lower Piedmont.


Recent activities

In the last few years the company has developed integrated activities, the most important of which has certainly been the renovation work for Funivie del Monte Bianco cableways, in the Courmayeur (AO) Municipality, where Dimensione Ingenierie served as general planner for the cableways and mechanical systems, and also worked as coordinator of a professional and engineering ad-hoc joint venture. After the completion of all planning stages, the construction work has recently started, and all other engineering services are currently being handled by the group.

Another example of integrated development was the construction of a multi-storey parking and its related offices and service areas beneath the hill upon which stands the new “Dolonne-Plan Checrouit” gondola ropeway, which can carry up to 8 passengers and is located in the Courmayeur municipality. Dimensione Ingenierie took care of all the planning, work management and coordination activities for this project.

Between the years 2002-2005, in preparation for the 2006 Winter Olympics held in Turin, the company planned a series of cable transport systems on behalf of the “Torino 2006” Agency, including the new “Sestriere-Fraiteve” gondola, which can transport up to 8 passengers, located in the Sestriere Municipality, as well as the “Melezet-Etarpa-Chesal” detachable automatic chairlift, for up to four passengers, working both as general and cableway planner and as coordinator for the activities of the groups that participated in the work.

Among the many optimization studies conducted on behalf of pre-existing ski facilities, the most important one was for the Cervinia-Valtournenche complex, located in Valle D’Aosta, because it was virtually completely carried out by the operating companies and was finalised with the planning and development of the new cableway systems constructed over the last 4 years.

Most recently, the company planned and directed the work for the technological renewal at the Aosta-Pila gondola ropeway, which re-opened to the public in December 2008.


The four partners

All of Dimensione Ingenierie’s partners are directly involved with the company, have a wealth of specific experience in the field of mountain engineering and in cable transport systems and share a rich professional background.


Sergio Blengini

Chairman of the Board of Directors and legal representative

Born in Mondovì in 1958, currently residing in Courmayeur (AO), Mr, Blengini graduated in civil engineering, construction division, at Turin’s Politecnico in 1984, after which he worked 4 years as planner and project manager at Agudio spa. He then broadened his professional experience at Alenia Spazio and finally, in 1992, founded Dimensione Ingenierie.

Since 1986 he has been qualified as operational director for cable transport systems, having previously worked for Val Veny spa and currently working for the Courmayeur Mont Blanc Funivie spa and Funivie Monte Bianco spa cableways.

He is also qualified for working as construction site safety coordinator and technical manager (as per Leg. Dec. 46/90). Currently he is also Vice President of ANITIF (the Italian national association of cableway systems technicians).


Carlo Fuselli

Managing director and technical manager

Born in Varallo in 1960 and currently residing in Civiasco (VC), Mr. Fuselli graduated in civil engineering, transport division, at Turin’s Politecnico in 1986. He then worked at Gradio srl in Rovereto (TN) as planner, technical manager and project manager, where he gained specific skills in the field of chairlifts. Then, he worked for Agudio spa (1989/1993) where he broadened his experience. He then obtained the qualification as Operational Director for cable transport systems and as construction site safety coordinator. Part of the company since 1994, he has been working as operational director and technical assistant for companies like Artesina spa, Frabosa Sky 2000 and ESNOW in Pontechianale (CN); he also works as Operational Director for the “Breo – Piazza” cableway in Mondovì, which is managed by Trasporti Monregalesi spa and on behalf of the company Funivie Gran Paradiso, in Cogne (AO).


Marco Petrella

Managing Director and technical-commercial manager

Born in Turin in 1960 and currently residing there, Mr.Petrella graduated in civil engineering, transport division, at Turin’s Politecnico in 1985. Between 1986 and 1989 he worked for Agudio spa, as planner and project manager, then furthering his professional experience at SKF and Arcas SpA. In 1992 he was part of the Dimensione Ingenierie’s founding members. He left the company in 1995 and then returned in 1999 as shareholder and managing director. He is qualified as construction site safety coordinator and as Operational Director for cable transport systems, a role which he is currently carrying out for Pila SpA on the “Biella Piano/Biella Piazzo” (Atap spa in Biella) funicular railway and for the internal transport systems of the Porta Nuova station in Turin, managed by Grandi Stazioni Spa.

Since 2010 he is also a member of the board of ANITIF.


Adriano Coletto

Manager of the Electrotechnical Division

Born in Noventa Vicentina in 1960 and currently residing in Moncalieri (TO), Mr. Coletto graduated at the “Spagnesi” Technical Institute in Turin in 1978. After working as electrical technician and site manager for several companies in Turin, in the eighties he worked as manager for the Ersat laboratory, and then moved on to become manager of the technical electronic division for Lesitel (Agudio group). He then obtained the qualification as technical manager (as per Leg. Dec. 46/90) and in 1993 joined Dimensione Ingenierie as shareholder and director of the company, in charge of the technical electrical-electronic division. As manager of the prevention and protection service, he works for several cableway companies in Valle d’Aosta, such as: Funivie Piccolo San Bernarndo spa (La Thuile); Pila SpA in Gressan (AO), Courmayeur Mont Blanc Funivie spa and Funivie Monte Bianco spa in Courmayeur; Artesina spa; Frabosa Sky 2000 and Trasporti Monregalesi spa (Mondovì).

He currently also coordinates the activities of Dimensione Energie.


DIMENSIONE Ingenierie s.r.l.
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Administrative Offices:
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