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FUNIPLAN was established in 1996 with the objective of adding innovation that would support Companies operating in mountainous environments, with a particular focus on the world of cableway systems, by working as an independent corporation highly specialized in the full-scale design, development and technical management of tourist facilities, especially winter facilities, capable of providing complete technical support to Operators, Public Institutions and Developers.

With many years of experience, FUNIPLAN offers its clients direct and complete engineering services and planning and management coordination for specific projects that require a high level of technological content.

In order to meet its Clients’ needs, FUNIPLAN can provide, in addition to its usual professional services, a series of “turnkey” packages for technical and organizational services, aimed at the design and development of individual projects, as well as managing the daily operations of the Operating Company.

FUNIPLAN, thanks to its experience in developing and operating cableway facilities, is capable of offering general consultancy services, integrating the know-how from two sectors that commonly have difficulties communicating with each other and that therefore have a hard time sharing experiences. Thus project development becomes quicker and benefits from the advantage of better solutions thanks to an “external” and objective vision of its problems.

Whenever other specialized skills are required, FUNIPLAN is backed by a network of prestigious professionals from every field, and answers directly to the Client for coordinating their work.

In order to guarantee a completely objective and impartial operation, FUNIPLAN is not linked to any Construction company, although it has collaborated with the most qualified manufacturing companies in the field.


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