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Proteo Srl

Proteo S.r.l. was born in 1995 from the experience and skills of a group of freelance professionals from the Turin area that had been working for years in the fields of civil and industrial engineering, both public and private, offering engineering services ranging from feasibility studies to preliminary, final and executive planning, to work management, both architectural and structural, and even to accounting and contract services, as well as worksite safety coordination and the planning and management of fire prevention focused work t.

Proteo S.r.l. also has fifteen years of experience in assisting architectural firms (among the most famous is Renzo Piano’s R.P.B.W.) in engineering for projects and in developing specifications for tenders, technical specifications, terms, bills of quantities and executive details, such as with the architectural project for the New Mont Blanc cableway facilities.

Throughout the years, the company has developed, thanks to its own internal organizational capabilities and to time-tested and qualified external collaborations, high flexibility in managing projects of varying size, difficulty and characteristics, and has shown excellent coordination and management skills even in carrying out highly complex interdisciplinary projects.

Since 2007 Proteo S.r.l. certified its Quality Control System, which allowed the company to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increased visibility on the market and the ability to operate on constantly larger and more complex projects.
  • Reorganizing its internal structure to guarantee fast traceability of designs and documents.
  • Extending its work strategy to external professionals, for work on interdisciplinary projects.

Proteo S.r.l. constantly pursues quality through ongoing self-improvement strategies that are focused on the reliability of results, in order to ensure the utmost satisfaction of its clients, guaranteeing high quality services, efficiency, professionalism and prompt results.


Proteo Srl
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Corso Orbassano, 416/10
Torino (TO)