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SI.ME.TE snc

Our engineering and architecture company, with its longstanding experience, has been on the market since the late eighteen hundreds. Throughout the years, its ranks were filled by professionals working in various specializations, such as:

  • Structural planning
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Architectural planning
  • Work management
  • Safety and the environment


Reference partners:

  • Professor Giorgio Nicola Siniscalco, Engineer
  • Roberto Mellano, Engineer, Architect
  • Stefano Dalmasso, Engineer
  • Umberto Siniscalco, Engineer
  • Carlo Piantino, Engineer
  • Nicola Siniscalco, Architect


The company’s growth, both in terms of human resources-collaborators and in terms of turnover, has been steady during the past twenty years.

Our portfolio has grown throughout the years along with our capacity to learn and develop new services, allowing us to enhance our innovative and practical strategies for the development of added value for our customers.

The increased executive and bureaucratic complexity of architectural and engineering projects has led us to focus on developing a range of integrated services and to skilfully handle timeframes and resources for our clients’ benefit.

The ever changing conditions of the market have led our company to selecting always more specialized collaborators, strengthening our various operational areas and the organization as a whole.


Our services are:

  • Pre-investment and feasibility studies
  • Planning: preliminary, final, executive and construction:
  • Architectural
  • Structural
  • Infrastructural
  • Plant Engineering
  • Work Management
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Specialized Consultancy Services, Expert Services and Testing
  • Safety Coordination

Our services are aimed at a diversified group of clients: private and industrial, service companies and construction companies, public institutions, municipalities and provinces. We operate both in Italy and abroad, applying all pertinent regulations and the most suitable technologies.

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SI.ME.TE. snc

Via Treviso, 12
10144 Torino (TO)

Tel 011 – 77 14 685
Fax 011 – 74 51 56