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Chain of constructors

Unity is strength:

joined forces by forming a syndicate headquartered in Aosta to construct a new line on Mont Blanc using local resources and promoting the Region’s development..

The syndicate is named: Cordée Mont Blanc.

This is an important step aimed at setting the foundations for a successful climb to Pointe Helbronner.

The project’s world class relevance and the greatness expected from it set new, high-level standards. This is why we decided to unite our unique skills for working at high altitudes: we joined forces to elevate the quality of the final results.

The vast experience and know-how of seven large companies merge to work under the banner of Valle d’Aosta. New technologies, developments and achievements from various sectors breathe life into a cutting-edge team.

Teamwork is the key to achieving the objectives within the expected timeframes while working in a completely safe environment.

On the summit, everything is under control; reaching that summit is our daily challenge.


Cordée Mont Blanc: a winning choice for a triumphal climb.